Annual Report


Blessed evening to all the dignitaries on dais and off the dais, executive committee, and Our beloved correspondent, parents and my dear colleagues and my beloved students. On this 2nd annual day celebration of Srivi Lions International School, It is my privilege to stand before you to present the annual report of SRIVI LIONS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

The school management helps in transformation of the social, cultural and educational pattern of the people in this area.

We believe that an atmosphere of cultural, religious and economic diversity enriches everyone and our student reflects the dynamic and aired population. Our comprehensive teaching techniques, curricula and support system reflect that no two individuals are alike.

We follow CBSE curriculum which is the international interdisciplinary curriculum consisting of core subjects and performing arts, visual arts, life skill and SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work and Action). CBSE curriculum is to nurture multiple intelligences like linguistic or verbal intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, sports intelligence, musical intelligence, inter- personal intelligence and intra – personal intelligence. The core skills are the most significant aspects of a learner’s holistic growth and learning curve. The objective of this part of the core of curriculum is to scaffold the learning experiences and to relate tacit knowledge with formal knowledge. This involves trans- disciplinary linkages that would form the core of the learning process. Perspectives, SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work and Action), Life skills and Research are the constituents of the core. CBSE international curriculum aims to

  1. Build learners with a positive attitude.
  2. Create lifelong learners who enjoy learning to learn.
  3. Craft confident individuals who are able to live healthy and productive lives.
  4. Empower individuals with good citizenship values.
  5. Strengthen the learner with life skills education.
  6. Equip learners to face challenges of the present world.
  7. Prepare confident individuals with strong physical and emotional health.
Steps taken to impart the aims of the curriculum includes: All the students were given chances to lead in the assembly. They were given chances to prepare and read daily news, GK questions, recite poem and Thirukural etc., which developed confidence in them. Students were made to observe and learn and interpret from their surroundings. Curriculum related activities: Experiential learning was given through various activities
  • They were taken to the post office they interviewed the postmaster about the activities and they learnt the travel of a letter through experience by sending letters to their parents.
  • Students were taken to Pilavakkal dam where they learnt how to prepare themselves for travel, how to behave outside, they observed the environment and clarified their doubts.
  • They were taken to Sirumalai and they felt happy climbing the hills and rocks.
  • Students were taught how to prepare healthy food without fire and they enjoyed it and taught their parents on those recipes that were taught to them.
  • They were encouraged to do projects and were exhibited in the project room and were able to learn from each other’s project that their works are unique.
  • Music instruments like keyboard, guitar and jazz drums were taught to them and they enjoy singing songs with the instruments.
  • Regular yoga classes were given to our students to develop their concentration of body mind and soul.
  • Skating and carom coaching were given regularly and our students were able to showcase their talents on wheel in the sports day.
  • Games are conducted time to time to maintain their physical health.
  • Celebration for diwali and Christmas was done which made them feel the importance of festivals and gathering. Students organized the diwali festival and they prepared greeting cards and were posted to their parents.
  • Pongal was celebrated with the participation of the parent and both the students and the parents felt the importance of pongal and enjoyed it.
  • International teachers’ day was celebrated on October 5th students prepared bookmarks and presented to all the teachers and greeted them.
  • Students compete equally in academic, co- curricular and extracurricular activities.

Frequent parents meetings were arranged to discuss about their kids all round development. Parents’ cooperation both in academic and other activities are to be highly appreciated.

FUTURE PLANS: Very soon the school will be shifted to a spacious well equipped sophisticated premise. Summer camp for a period of 10 to 15 days will be conducted to expose the students to various areas such as dramatics, art & craft, quilling, model making, quizzing, skating, karate etc. Pottery will be given to improve their skill and concentration which will inculcate observation and perfection.


We are thankful to the management of SRIVI LIONS INTERNATIONAL School for their unconditional support to all our endeavors. We express our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all our students, parents, well wishers and teaching faculty, non –teaching staff, without whose help we would have not been in a position to maintain high standard of education and discipline in our school. We take this opportunity to commit ourselves to do our best to serve this locality through quality education. We seek the blessing from the God Almighty to help and guide us in the future in the right direction. Srivi Lions International School is a progressive, child centered, co-educational, English Medium School, committed to providing quality education for all its students. The school offers primary school education. The school follows the CBSE curriculum integrated with Global Education. Our School strives to provide high quality education programs with an emphasis on creating learning environments that are innovative and enriching. Excellent facilities both inside and outside the classroom compliment academic excellence.

Ms. S. HEPSI BAI M.Sc. M.Ed., M.Phil., MBA