Duties & Discipline of Srivi Lions International School

1) Parents kindly read, understand and inform this to your child, with good attitude.

2) Students should be polite, honest and truthful and have a friendly behaviour both inside School campus and outside the campus.

3) Students are expected to be respectful to their elders, teachers, administrative staff, caretakers and visitors to the School and greet them at all times.

4) Students should take pride in their personal appearance, neatness and cleanliness in following their uniform code of conduct.

5) They must keep their classrooms and the School campus clean and tidy.

6) Students must speak only in English in the School premises and following the same outside the School is encouraged.

7) Avoid using bad language and local slang.

8) Students must observe silence during the assembly, in the library, during their lunch and while moving in line.

9) Respecting their belongings and their friends’ is the mark of responsible student.

10)Our School urges all the students to take proper care of School properties, in case any damages made, they should bear the cost of the damage.

11)They should not wear gold ornament or bring valuable things to School. School will not take the responsibility if lost.

12)No student should leave the premises without the permission of the class incharge and the Principal.

13)Bringing sharp things such as blade, knife, nails etc. to School is not permitted.

14)Students must not scribble on the wall, furniture or the whiteboard.