Management of Srivi Lions International School

Need for establishing a CBSE School by The Srivilliputtur Lions School Committee, Srivilliputtur. Srivilliputtur is a small town in VIRUDHUNAGAR district of TAMIL NADU in INDIA. The Srivilliputtur Lions School Committee, Srivilliputtur, formed by THE LIONS CLUB OF SRIVILLIPUTTUR is already running two educational institutions apart from planting trees to make maintain the greenery of the town, eye donation and treatment camps.

The LIONS PRIMARY SCHOOL, which has the mother tongue (tamil) as the medium of instruction to education poor and the downtrodden rural and remote villages in and around the Srivilliputtur town. Most of the kids attending this school are first generation learners. This service provided by the Lions Club is bringing the remote village people to the town to upgrade their socio economic status.

The SRIVI LIONS MATRIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, which has English as the medium of instruction to educate the middle class people to reach out to the cities and foreign countries for their higher studies. This institution has produce higher rank official in the government sectors, huge number of Doctors, engineers’ Professors, Teachers, Scientist etc., for the past 37 years. Most of them are first graduates in their society.
These two institutions are playing a vital role in bringing up the socio – economic status of the people of Srivilliputtur.

With these entire continuous and unending establishments, The SRIVILLIPUTTUR LIONS SCHOOL COMMITTEE, SRIVILLIPUTTUR is establishing its huge project in the field of Education, and that is SRIVI LIONS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, SRIVILLIPUTTUR.

This institution is on the State high ways in the outskirts of the Srivilliputtur town, which hopefully leads to the extension of the town and will meet the needs of the generation to go beyond 21st century.